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My music

I try to create some new music by combining elements of all kinds of good music (jazz, latin, r&b, blues, classical, modern, ethnic, funk, etc.). I try to keep things simple, but as you might guess, it ends up being something complicated. Lately, I’ve been using more and more acoustic instruments in my music, because electronic instruments seem to be lacking the delicate sounds I’m looking for. Another focal point is that I avoid short compositions, because then the music does not sound like me anymore. It’s not about the control, it’s the message I’m after – call it a strategy. Of course I like some of the 8 bar pentatonic jazz melodies with basic chord changes. But I think that there are millions of players who are in need of new material - good sheet music they can enjoy playing. My job as a composer is to provide them with the sheets.

Is it jazz or something else that I am composing? Honestly, I really don’t know. Labels and genres are for people that like to analyse music in a certain way. Maybe it’s too difficult to just listen and enjoy the music. According to writings I’ve seen on the internet and in jazz magazines like the Down Beat, the narrow-minded jazz purists long for traditional jazz - music that was played by great jazz musicians in the 50’s. What these people don’t want to confess is that life is changing, music is changing and if jazz wants to live as an art form, it has to change as well.